How our businesses work for the climate


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Solar Foods produces food from CO2 and electricity.

Solar Foods, a Finnish company, produces an entirely new kind of natural protein called Solein. Instead of causing emissions, Solar Food’s technology captures carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into protein using renewable electricity. This process revolutionises food production, as Solein is independent of weather, climate and agriculture.

The production process of Solein does not involve water, pesticides or fertilisers, making it the world’s most sustainable protein. Based on natural fermentation, Solein can be produced even in the toughest of environmental conditions like the desert, Arctic or even in space.

As a new sustainable and natural protein, Solein also provides exciting opportunities for entirely new foods. Solar Foods has already developed over 20 different kinds of food products that use Solein. The company aims to start wide-scale production in early 2023. Solar Foods estimates they will produce 5-50 million meals the first year.

Image for article: FOOD OUT OF THIN AIR