How Finns take climate action together


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How to make climate change mitigation profitable: the story of Ii

The northern town of Ii gives an example to other cities how to make money being fossil-free. Since investing in renewable energy and stopping the use of fossil fuels, Ii now produces ten times more clean energy than it consumes.

Ii, located in Northern Finland, has found a way to be sustainable and profitable at the same time. Their target was to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2020 – 30 years ahead of the EU’s target and faster than any other municipality in Finland.

In 2012 Ii decided to end the use of fossil fuels and began to invest in clean energy. Today they produce more renewable energy than they can use. With the profits from selling clean energy to others, Ii has been able to lower their municipal taxation.

Ii has also invested in climate education. In schools and nurseries, children learn that sustainability is a part of their everyday life. When learning that climate actions are possible and profitable, they also learn about the tools for tackling climate change.

Ii’s goal for 2030 is to develop waste management, material reuse and the shared economy. As a result, Ii is now heading to be the world’s first zero-waste community.

Image for article: GREEN GROWTH FOR CITIES